A crucial part of preparing a multimedia show is media to music syncing. Every component used within the show (lasers, lights, kinetic movements, video material, etc.) and the soundtrack must be programmed to function as one cohesive system, every part following a single timeline from beginning to end.

The soundtrack when media to music syncing is considering the original of a song, an edited version, remix or even a mix of several such tracks. Generally, it is easier to program the overall visual show to an existing or edited musical work. After the creation of the visual elements of the show, the audio mix is supplemented by additional sound effects that harmonize with both the music and visuals of the show. These include either real or synthesized sounds, which combined with the original song give the final work the right dynamics to enhance the show’s emotional impact.

Even in the case of a live show, i.e., a show without production and programming done in advance, the show will be improvised by our operators to complement the feeling and dynamic of the live music. This type of live show would usually be performed for extended DJ sets and performances in clubs.

By adding an audio track, such as music, the whole multimedia show comes live. This creates an audiovisual performance that is a treat for the eyes and ears of the audience. This makes the music an integral part of the whole performance and without it, the show wouldn’t be a show.