Vltava žije 2017 Prague, Czech Republic

For this in-town light festival, we were honoured suppliers of several installations and shows. We prepared a water screen projection placed at the river Vltava, a light show, a laser mapping of historic towers, a video projection and a video mapping of historic buildings in the centre of Prague. In cooperation with Art4Promotion.

(Vltava žije, 2017)_1
(Vltava žije, 2017)_2
(Vltava žije, 2017)_3
(Vltava žije, 2017)_4
(Vltava žije, 2017)_5
(Vltava žije, 2017)_6
(Vltava žije, 2017)_7
(Vltava žije, 2017)_8
(Vltava žije, 2017)_9
(Vltava žije, 2017)_10
(Vltava žije, 2017)_11
(Vltava žije, 2017)_12
(Vltava žije, 2017)_13
(Vltava žije, 2017)_14
(Vltava žije, 2017)_15
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