Direct delivery, wherever you are...

We can deliver the equipment you ordered to wherever you need it. We offer 3 delivery options:

1. Pick-up at our warehouse personally

2. Shipping by your courier

3. Shipping arranged by us

We will prepare a price quote for each selected method of shipping. We thoroughly test every piece of equipment before shipping, alongside all necessary accessories and pack it in shipping cases.

We consult, make prices, and solve each transport request individually according to the client's requirements. However, there are factors that unfortunately we cannot influence (airline capacity, flight delays or cancellations, weather, and long customs procedures in some countries). Therefore, timely confirmation of shipment is half the success. 

For land transport, we can provide vehicles up to 3.5 tons, from 3.5 tons to trucks with a load capacity of 24 tons. For air transport, we pack devices in cases on pallets. We provide export customs procedures and various types of transport services (economical, priority, express). Delivery is to the airport, to the client's door, or directly to the event location. We can also provide return transport. We cooperate with international shipping companies and their agents around the world.

And, we always do our best.