Video projection is an exceptional tool of communication.

Today, no event is complete without video projection. Every audience enjoys being informed and entertained. To achieve this, video projection is an exceptional tool of communication. It is also a cost-effective way to put on a show.

Our video projectors are models of high luminous flux, unparalleled colour reproduction, and exceptional image resolution. Thanks to their robust construction the video projectors are suitable for a wide variety of locations such as theatres, conference halls, concerts and other indoor and outdoor locations.

They are suitable for outdoor shows and displays. They are powerful enough to project high-quality video onto large buildings. They also offer the compelling possibility to combine 3D video mapping with laser mapping technology. We have in stock several state-of-the-art video projectors, perfect for 3D video mapping, they are also available in our equipment for hire.

Our show producers can handle complex large-screen video projection and scene mapping for various projection zones by using the professional media servers and software that we have available.