Animation can be composed of real or digital assets.

Animation can be composed of real or digital assets. The real form is created by processing traditional materials such as photographs or drawings, and in digital images, the materials are created in graphics or 3D programs i.e., motion graphics. We can incorporate your company’s logo and its story into animation. Our favourite element is animation using laser graphics projection.

The classic form of laser graphics uses 2D images such as text, logos, or the outline of photographs and more. However, today's powerful laser display systems and advanced computing technology also allow you to convert 3D animations into laser graphics. In both cases, the graphics can be combined with video production, which in addition to laser graphics is an integral part of our productions. Whether it's VJing, projection mapping, holograms, spherical projections or other types of projections, only your imagination is the limit. The same as with laser graphics, it is possible to use 2D images, however, video is not limited to contours or 3D visualisation.

A major part of our production is also devoted to the creation of optical illusions using the technique of projection mapping, which creates illusions where surfaces and objects are distorted and appear to extend towards the viewer from the projection surface.