White Night 2022

White Night is a prestigious international project aiming to bring contemporary art forms to the public and non-traditional, unknown or significant places in European capitals. Over the course of two weeks, it will allow you to enjoy multiple art genres right in the public space of the city. Options vary from visual art (including light design and digital art) to live performances, concerts, film screenings and live readings.

This contemporary art festival takes place every autumn in the streets of Bratislava and Košice in Slovakia. Kvant Show Production has produced and collaborated on 8 installations:

Laser mapping - Nova trznica (outdoor)
Laser mapping and light show - Yalta bar (indoor)
Live projection - historical building Slovak National Theater (outdoor)
Laser installation – the Slovak University of Technology (indoor)
Interactive light and laser projection - Slovak National Bank (outdoor)
Laser installation – Warehouse no. 7 (indoor)
Kinetic and laser show - Kunsthalle (indoor)
Laser installation – East Slovak Gallery (indoor)

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