NYE 2021 Belgrade, Serbia (Behind the scene)

Read this to see how this incredible show was done!

The New Year celebrations in prominent metropolitan cities tend to be always magnificent and, if possible, unique. But, unfortunately, this wasn't the case in many European places this year due to the ongoing restrictions. Luckily for Serbia's capital city of Belgrade, the situation was very different.
The Kula Tower is a modern high-rise building that has not been finished yet, situated on the banks of the Sava river in the fanciest part of the city - Belgrade Waterfront. With its height of 168 metres over 42 floors, it will most likely become the tallest building in the region. We made the decision and accepted the challenge. We participated in an international contest, won it, and then had to prove that we can do it!
In cooperation with renowned Serbian partner SkyMusic Production and top-class firework company Fireworks by Grucci from the US, we assembled a stunning multimedia show with a massive firework display to dominate it all.

The hardest part of the operation was installing all the equipment onto the tower's facade, which was still undergoing works in progress, with several teams of workers present. Within ten days, the climbers installed dozens of purpose-made and structurally certified fitting brackets to which all the lighting fixtures were attached afterwards. We tested the functionality and water resistance of all the equipment and connections during this phase. At the same time, technicians were preparing laser display projectors and moving heads and descending them on ropes in special protection covers down to required locations.
The rest of the team prepared all the signal and power cabling inside the building. In the end, we run the two 600 metre lines of the main-signal optical cable to the central control room. All of this happened with 500 builders working on-site, during building works in full swing, in all kinds of weather conditions and under strict health and safety regulations. We used our KVANT Spectrum and Atom full-colour laser display systems with an optical power output of up to 30 Watts to accomplish the desired effect. In addition, our technicians fitted every laser projector with a Rain Cover, protecting the device from rain, snow, frost and firework residues.

Our video developers tailored all the content, fitting nicely onto permanently installed screens on the two tower's facades. But, of course, any of the content was not to be seen by the public before the event. So we made all the zoning, testing and show adjustments during nights at strictly set times. Also, due to close proximity to the town's international airport, the lighting, and mainly the lasers, had to be dealt with 100% care regarding safety.
The show itself and its elements, including lasers, lighting, fireworks, video and sound, were time-coded, so there was no space for human-made mistakes in synchronisation.
The show was broadcast live by several Serbian TV stations and screened on three large stages in the city. After the show, the lasers, moving lights, and some video content stayed running long into the night, drawing attention to the landmark from far away.

Behind The Scenes - NYE Multimedia Show 2021 - Belgrade, Serbia