XXXIX Meeting dei Planetari Italiani 2024 - Padova, ITA

PLANit Conference 2024
April 26 – 28
Planetario di Padova

Astro Laser Set: A didactic equipment aid designed for a simple and clear demonstration of the principles of astronomical phenomena. The set contains a total of 8 topics and 29 tasks divided into 14 example sheets.

"Never before in the last three years have I encountered such tremendous interest and positive feedback from every conference participant."

Peter Benkovic (co-inventor of the set, Kvant Show Production)

"This kit, along with other solutions and proposals, brings a completely fresh perspective to Italian planetariums."

Dario Tiveron (President of Planit and conference organizer)

Proposals and solutions for planetariums, observatories, and science centers - a presentation by our event manager and specialist for planetariums, Peter Benkovic.

Laser display systems for graphics, beam show, mapping and special effects, multimedia installations and exhibits, interactive exhibits and installations, exhibition models, holograms and holographic projection, LED sphere backlights, LED screens, LED tunnel, projection mashes, 3D video and laser mapping, content proposal, media servers, 360 degree projection spheres (inflatable, plastic), virtual reality, art installations, interactive floor mapping, temporary or permanent and indoor or outdoor installations and projections, own mobile dome for 360 degree video and laser projection for special events, etc.

Great people, amazing atmosphere, new contacts, and even new friends. Absolutely the best.