Throughout the years our work in multimedia and especially laser shows and projections, has won numerous international awards. Almost every year, we receive prestigious awards from the leading international association ILDA, often in multiple categories since 2010.

In 2021, we also won many awards from other international associations such as Eventex Awards, MUSE Creative Awards a NYX Marcom Awards. All these awards were about our brand-new showroom, which is full of the newest laser and multimedia technologies that serve as an illustration of our skills and technological forwardness for our clients.

Below you will find a list of the awards we have received over the years.


11th Global Eventex Awards

People’s Choice Virtual Event

Virtual Brand Engagement Event

Live Streaming Event

MUSE Creative Awards

2021 Winner
Online Festival

2021 Winner Brand Engagement Event

NYX Marcom Awards

2021 Grand Winner
Online Festival
Social Events & Online Streaming


2020 Live TV Show
3rd: "Eurovolley", KVANT Ltd.

2020 Innovative and Fine Art Laser Applications
1st: "Showroom", KVANT Ltd.


2019 Edited Film/TV/Video
1st: "MJ-Sergio", KVANT Ltd.
3rd: "Tatra Ice Temple", KVANT Ltd.

2019 Planetarium Show
3rd: "Spherical Show", KVANT Ltd.

2019 Innovative and Fine Art Laser Applications 2nd: "ASOT", KVANT Ltd.


2018 Live Stage Show
1st: “Prolight Sound 2017", KVANT Ltd

2018 Multi-Effect Laser Show
2nd: "Showroom", KVANT Ltd.

2018 Permanent Installation
1st: "Shanghai", KVANT Ltd.

2018 Laser Photography
1st: “Angel", KVANT Ltd.

2018 Fenning Award for Technical Achievement
1st: “Static Laser Beam Auto-alignment Safety System", KVANT Ltd.


2017 Corporate Show
2nd: “Decodom”, KVANT
3rd: “VW Tiguan”, KVANT

2017 Live TV Show
1st: “Football Player of the Year 2015”, KVANT

2017 Nightclub/Disco/Music Festival Show
1st: “Medusa Sunbeach 2016”, KVANT

2017 Live Stage Show
2nd: “ProLight and Sound 2016”, KVANT

2017 Laser Fine Art
2nd: “VUB Laserart - White Night”, KVANT

2017 Beams/Atmospherics Show for Multiple Scanner Projectors
2nd: “Getshow - China”, KVANT

2017 Laser Photography
3rd: “Circle”, KVANT


2016 Nightclub/Disco/Music Festival Show
2nd: “Skrillex EU Tour”, KVANT Ltd.

2016 Corporate Show
1st: “KOH-I-NOOR 225th Anniversary”, KVANT Ltd.

2016 Live Stage Show
3rd: “ProLight and Sound 2015“, KVANT Ltd.

2016 Live TV Show
3rd: “Opening City Arena - Trnava“, KVANT Ltd.

2016 Innovative Application
3rd: “New Interactive Laserman”, KVANT Ltd.


2015 Beams and Screen Show
3rd: "Skoda Celebration", KVANT Ltd.

2015 Nightclub/Disco/Music Festival Show
1st: "Machac Festival", KVANT Ltd.

2015 Corporate Show
1st: "BMW Mapping", KVANT Ltd.
3rd: "BMW Lamac", KVANT Ltd.

2015 Fenning Award for Technical Achievement
1st: "Focus", KVANT Ltd.
3rd: "Laser Drone", KVANT Ltd.


2014 Live Stage Show
1st: "Prolight & Sound 2014", KVANT Ltd.

2014 Edited Film/TV/Video
1st: "Thomas Puskailer", KVANT Ltd.

2014 Laser Show (including Multimedia)
2nd: "New Year's Eve 2013 - Rome", KVANT Ltd.

2014 Multimedia Show (including Laser)
1st: "Vltava Lives", KVANT Ltd.

2014 Laser Photography
1st: "Rome", KVANT Ltd.
2nd: "Don't Let Go", KVANT Ltd.


2013 Live TV Show
2nd: "Czecho-Slovakia Got Talent", KVANT Ltd.

2013 Beams and Screen Show
3rd: "Moscow - KOH-I-NOOR", KVANT Ltd.

2013 Career Achievement Award RNDr. Pavol Kubošek, CSc., KVANT Ltd.


2012 Live Stage Show
3rd: “Divas”, Kvant

2012 Fenning Award for Technical Achievement
Honorable Mention: "KVANT eLite 1000", Kvant


Nightclub/Disco Show
Honorable Mention: "Laser Therapy", Kvant Ltd.