CLUBMAX 10W – 41W  


Medium-power RGB laser projector with 10-Watt power output and FB4 interface. 

The Clubmax lasers are a radically simple solution for all kinds of venues and shows, from private clubs and cosy venues to large-scale outdoor shows. Developed for challenging environments, its design is optimised for long maintenance intervals. In addition, the automated colour balancing feature ensures accurate and consistent colours across all Clubmax projectors within the given setup. 

Housing and all internal parts are robust and sturdy, making Clubmax an ideal laser system for permanent installations, touring, and hire. 


The new 40-Watt small-format but rugged, high-power-output Clubmax laser projector is factory fitted with modern features allowing you to deliver world-class laser displays - effectively and efficiently. The Clubmax 40 FB4 is suited for large-scale indoor and outdoor aerial displays at concerts, festivals and tours. 

This model is factory fitted with Motorised Dichroic Filters for quick and easy beam alignment. 

Clubmax 40 FB4