Light beams, especially laser beams are at their most vibrant when they have some type of atmospheric material to pass through. A variety of haze machines are used for this purpose. We have multiple devices for producing artificial fog, aka hazers. They have varying degrees of output and are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. 

As with most haze machines, the hazer has a built-in fan, which can efficiently and consistently disperse the produced mist into the required space. Depending on the intensity of the setting, the mist can remain close to the ground or slowly float upwards.

All haze machines are controlled by DMX (power, fan, smoke intensity). For outdoor use, we recommend placing an external fan in front of the hazer, which can be rotated to disperse the mist towards the desired area. This eliminates the potential risk during outdoor shows when a gust of wind can blow a significant part of the fog in another direction. 

In our offer for rent we also have powerful ventilators - blower. They are especially ideal for outdoor use.

We use non-hazardous fluids only.