Lighting equipment are the main components used to create most multimedia shows and light shows. We have a wide variety of lighting equipment in stock, whether for illuminating stages, exhibition stands, objects or other spaces. We also have eye-catching spotlights that can draw attention to the ongoing event from a great distance and attract more visitors.


Pixel-FX moving heads powered by 5x40W RGBW/FC LEDs. Delivering stunning brightness for large setups and featuring infinite rotation over pan and tilt.  


Moving batten lights deliver a powerful and zoomable 'blade' of beams. Each of the 40W Osram Ostar RGBW LED pixels is individually controllable. 

Aqua Beam 

Powerful, halogen, full-colour, rotating beam lights with power up to 550 W and IP66 protection, which work well as eye-catching spotlights over long distances, but also indoors. Colour is selectable and controlled via DMX. 

LED Wall Wash 

Powerful, full-colour lights with power up to 1,440 W and IP65 protection, ideal for outdoor illumination of various objects, buildings, surfaces, walls, facades, etc. They consist of two adjustable parts. The colour is selectable and controlled via DMX.