From A to Z and more...

Every multimedia show requires thorough and precise preparation. We have proven this through our many years of experience, handling preparation and production of events of all types. We design, program and perform multimedia shows from the drawing board all the way through to the audience's applause.

The first step is to develop a theme or concept, an overview of what should be displayed in the final product. Next, the customer is consulted on further components they wish to incorporate to influence the final appearance of the project. If the situation requires it, an inspection is required. From there the programming of effects, graphic animations, video production and other necessary tasks can begin. The prepared material is tested in consultation with the customer to find any flaws and fine-tune details. A vital part of this process is to have all the complex elements of the show synchronised seamlessly to a pre-set timeline.

During the preparation and production stage of development, our whole professional team works on the project. Even before the production of a multimedia performance, the shipping of the equipment is ensured so that the necessary checks, testing and proper packing is done in a timely fashion.

Production itself includes several other stages, which include unloading, deployment, installation, cabling, security, setup and testing of all equipment and accessories. A vital stage is the final test of equipment and the entire multimedia show. Before, during and after the performance, we record various shots of the preparation and production so that, based on pre-agreed conditions and requests, all phases can go into post-production to create a showreel video product.