A team that delivers award-winning show production.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary professional team, who create shows of all types and sizes for a wide range of brands, we are equipped with a variety of show solutions to make every event run smoothly. Every type of multimedia show requires specialised preparation and production. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a group of professionals that cover all relevant areas and production possibilities.

Our professional team consists of many experienced and talented specialists in various disciplines, as well as creative artists, who all work together as one cohesive team.


Graphic designers prepare and create various custom graphic content for each project. The role of show designers and operators are usually done by the same person or team. First, they design the whole show using all the tools available to them. Then on the day of the event, they directly control the entire multimedia show and its individual components. Our operators are trained and certified to perform professional laser shows anywhere in the world. Our technicians provide everything from packaging and transport of equipment, its set up and installation, cabling and security, to packing up after the production itself. We place great importance on training for safe and high-quality work.