Special effects are a great addition to the climax of a multimedia show. Our range of special effects includes pyrotechnic-type effects. However, these are unique models which are safer to operate and do not require any special and often expensive permits, especially for indoor events and performances.

We offer special effects Sparkular (cold fountain) and Flamer (fire pit) for rent. One of the key advantages is that they can be controlled and programmed via DMX. They produce up to 80% less smoke than traditional pyrotechnics. The Sparkular operates at cool temperatures and the spark are not flammable. The filling for the Sparkular is a powder mixed with Titanium and Zirconium, and for the Flamer is a flammable liquid.

Wave Flame 

The model X2-Wave-Flame combines a fluid-driven flame system, with moving-head technology, in a compact device. Fitted with a motorized and swiveling head, it allows for very fast and precise flame bursts of up to 10 meters in height. All at an angle of 210°. The resulting "Flame Pictures" open a whole new slew of possibilities when creating indoor or outdoor shows. For easy handling, the liquid-fueled projector (Isopropyl alcohol, Bio-Ethanol, Isopar-G) features a bidirectional radio control, a removable 10L fuel canister, as well as an integrated display with menu and control buttons. Optionally, in addition to the radio control, the flame projector can also be controlled via DMX. The high resolution allows you to drive to almost every angle. 

SPARKULAR® is an original innovation product, and it is the first spark fountain machine in the special effects industry. It is designed for a highly demanding professional market with adjustable spark heights from 1.5 to 5m.

SPARKULAR® FALL is hanging special effects equipment for indoor/outdoor use to generate dazzling silver “waterfall” spark effects. According to different usage scenarios, an operator can self-define various types of “water curtain” effects varying from 2m to 7m.

SPARKULAR® JET is another brand new effect. It generates a flashing spark effect up to 10m. Built-in automatic air compressor, no external pressure tank needed, make it easier for setup and fewer usage restrictions.

SPARKULAR® TRIPLE is a three-way machine, with one vertical nozzle and two 25°angle nozzles. Each nozzle can be controlled individually, and the height of the effect is adjustable from 2m to 5m. It is equipped with a high-speed motor ensures excellent eruption speed and power fulburst. Stable and uniform sparks effects generated by adopting channel adaptive technology. Exclusive RDMX technology helps the operator monitor the working status of each machine, together with a high-quality waterproof socket making it a stable and reliable professional equipment for stage performance.