Our video projectors have the luminous flux necessary for high-quality video projection and 3D video mapping. Our equipment includes a wide range of brands, models and types of video projectors, so we have no problem supplying multiple projections to multiple events at the same time.  

All of our video projectors can be prepared for outdoor use, even in the event of adverse weather conditions (rain, wind, snow). To protect them, we always use tents with waterproof coverings. To achieve high-quality, fast and error-free signal transmission up to a distance of 500 m we use optical cables from trusted manufacturers. 

Brands and types of video projectors: 

Barco HDX-W20 FLEX 

- lamp video projector 

- luminosity from 12,000 to 20,000 ANSI 

Digital Projection M-vision 

- laser video projector 

- luminosity 18,000 ANSI 

 Digital Projection Titan 

- laser video projector 

- luminosity 33,000 ANSI 

Video projector lenses: 

We have both Barco and Digital Projection lenses in stock. We can perform video projection from a minimum distance of 5 m up to a maximum of 100 m, with the standard distance being between 50 m and 60 m.

Media servers for video projection and video mapping: 

We use professional standard Resolume Arena and Watch Out software for high-quality video mapping and video projection. 

Our media servers include: 

-2 pcs computers, the second as a backup 

-Matrix signal splitter (12 inputs and 12 outputs) 

-external sound card 

-backup power supply