A water screen is a thin water film of high-pressure water that serves as a projection surface. We offer two types of these devices. The main difference between them is whether they are required to be used indoors or outdoors.

Water screen type Shield 

Water is pumped under high pressure into a single powerful jet and gets sprayed out from the bottom upwards, creating a semi-circle above the ground level. Such a water screen can be about 20-30 meters wide and 10-20 meters high. It is possible to use more jets in a line to create a single huge projection area. This type of water screen is suitable for outdoors, to be installed on rivers, lakes, in the sea or on grounds which can absorb loads of water easily.  

Water screen type Curtain 

Water is pumped up into the rail that contains hundreds of small jets and disperses water evenly across the length of the rail segment. Each segment is 3 meters long and the segments can be joined together to create a wider projection screen. This type of water screen can be also used indoors, as temporary water collection pool is built underneath the rails, making the water supply a closed circuit. 

This water screen with 3 nozzle lines creates a cool projection surface for laser graphic projection or video projection. It is suitable mainly for indoor shows where it can be fixed to a ceiling or likewise.